Ayukta Thakur

To the world, she might be just one person. For her students, she is the world. Through an insightful conversation, we understand how Ayukta Thakur, a Special Educational Needs teacher and a co founder at Integreat Center, is empowering young adults with special needs.

Naomi D'Souza

The best things often start with desserts. Naomi D’Souza lives the best of all worlds as an engineer and a lifestyle influencer, and we scoop up the tale of how it all started with sharing sumptuous desserts on Instagram.

Priyanka Padode

Growing up in Mumbai and New York has been a lesson in efficiency for Priyanka Padode. As our conversation traces the outline of her entrepreneurial nature, we understand how she employs structure and thrives with chaos.

Ruchita Shah

In the formative years, companies are built around their founders. It is a relationship not unlike the one kids share with their parents. As the founder of First Moms Club (FMC), Ruchita Shah personifies the brand. Her warm, welcoming grin sets the tone for every conversation.

Nathan Bolger

As Nathan Bolger delves into his journey till date, we understand how design inspiration can be sourced from various stimuli all around us, and how a common thread binds all creative acts.

Gauri Varma

By crafting heart warming desserts at G’s Patisserie, Chef Gauri Varma knows that she is making a difference to everyone’s lives and is being a part of all things happy.

Krystian Niko

A conversation with Krystian Niko is as honest as his photography. We explore what made him pick up the camera for the first time and evolve into the magnificent talent in Travel Photography, that he is.

Mascha Kuhn

Growing up in Russia played a major role in shaping Mascha’s perspective towards life. A graduate in law and a passionate photographer, she has learned how to not take life for granted, and she has learned it the hard way.

McKay Nilson

An industrial designer based in Salt Lake City (Utah, US), McKay Nilson comes across as a focused individual who chooses his words and his design elements carefully.