Don't just read, watch these inspirational people share a slice of their lives with you. Find out how simple it is to be content and joyous  in this harsh world we live in today.


Art Should Tempt (AST) hosted its first gathering in association with WeWork, that included the launch of an Express print edition and exhibited the work of six creatives who had been chosen for the publication - including a display to please one’s olfactory senses, gourmet food and signature cocktails.

Art Should Tempt magazine caters to the alternate lifestyle inspiration - featuring contemporary illustrations, charming photography and intimate interviews with creatives.The first edition discusses the introspection that drives a human creative effort.

Not Just A Resume

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ". Madhur Sharma is a testament to this statement. From being obese and unfit he turned his lifestyle around. He is now preparing for his first Ironman Triathlon. 

Tints & Tones

Sarthak is an internationally acclaimed artist whose drawings and paintings on various themes carry the insights of his artistic journey. He lets his imagination flow as he explores the canvas through different mediums. 

Blue Printed In Benaras

Restoration architect Mudita Agarwal Kapoor takes us through one of her projects. She shares with us insights about her amazing journey.

FringeFrisk // Fashion Film, Dec'17

Apparel is a form of self expression. The rebellion against pretense has been in the works since the early 1970s, and it continues to gain momentum in a world buzzing with Instagram likes.

Nitya & Herself

Photographer, traveller, writer and an avid animal lover. Find out how she turned her life around at  a time when most would give up. Fear is just a four letter word for her.