Art Should Tempt (AST) hosted its first gathering in association with WeWork, that included the launch of an Express print edition and exhibited the work of six creatives who had been chosen for the publication - including a display to please one’s olfactory senses, gourmet food and signature cocktails.

Art Should Tempt magazine caters to the alternate lifestyle inspiration - featuring contemporary illustrations, charming photography and intimate interviews with creatives.The first edition discusses the introspection that drives a human creative effort.

Anish Patel

As the founder of Uplift Humanity, Anish Patel chooses to have insightful conversations with juvenile offenders and delinquents, thus helping them assimilate back into the society.

Bhutan - Heaven on earth

Some people find it mystical, others mysterious and magical, but everyone falls in love with this small and beautiful country in Mighty Himalayas.

Udaipur - More than lakes & palaces

Romantic old-world charm, soothing lakes, and fairy-tale palaces are what draw so many visitors to Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes. But Udaipur isn’t just about lakes and palaces. 

Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer ‘Beer Biceps’ Allahbadia shares his incredible journey, from a chubby childhood to YouTube stardom.

Gin Infusions - Best in town under one roof

The charm of a Speakeasy bar is in the mythical stature of offerings inside. The thrill of forbidden indulgence, these establishments first came into prominence during the Prohibition era of 1920s America. Today, the choicest places from London to New Delhi play on understated popularity, with a loyal stream of patrons and name that spreads through hushed whispers.

Peter Untermaierhofer

Abandoned places might induce a sense of melancholy for most. However, for Peter Untermaierhofer, they inspire a sense of beauty and romanticism due to the memories attached. We delve into this photographer’s mind.

Manuel Galipeau

An interaction with Manuel Galipeau takes us through the mind of an architect and an artist, the vulnerabilities and the serene beauty of his imagination, which makes the future happen.

Nathan Bolger

If You Can Design One Thing, You Can Design Everything.